its Chinese hair

, Postpartum hair loss, and maintain feelings of pleasure during pregnancy and lactation must maintain good mood, avoid stress, because the tension can only increase the degree of hair loss. To recognize postpartum hair loss is a temporary process. Do not over fear, anxiety, depression, and even a nervous breakdown, in order to avoid the formation of a vicious cycle, leading to mental alopecia. . According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, hair, and liver and kidney is closely related to the kidney essence liver blood, its Chinese hair, liver and kidney virtual fine blood, hair follicles do not have adequate nutrition, a situation synthetic melanin diminished capacity, appear white hair, so there is a case that is hair follicle atrophy or necrosis, resulting in postpartum hair loss. Conversely, the robust liver and kidney, and on the wing in the head, bushy black. The hair expert tube Chun said, caused by an increase of patients with postpartum hair loss the many maternal anxiety, fear of own production hair will become bald, in fact, the maternal need not worry, as long as we have mastered the methods of prevention of postpartum hair loss can avoid postpartum alopecia.