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severe cases, it can advance to the loss of phase, all the hair on the head (bald), or no body hair (alopecia universalis). In most cases, the hair will re-appear in their own, but before that, the condition can be very special distressing patients, the reason may be difficult to determine. If you think you might be suffering from this form of hair loss, consult your doctor will conduct a physical examination and blood tests to help determine the cause. Telogen effluvium is characterized by a general thinning or shedding of hair within a few months, recently experienced trauma is the most common. Common causes include childbirth, major surgery, severe illness, psychological stress and chemotherapy. The good news is, the telogen effluvium abnormal growth behavior is temporary and reversible. There are many other less common causes of hair loss, you need to be discounted before a course of treatment options. Widening, usually the result of hair styling, traction alopecia is hair loss. Broken hair, may result in thinning, often caused by excessive styling or exposure to chemicals and the sun. Finally, the lack of serious diseases or nutrition, can cause side effects, which may include the degree of hair loss. I hope this brief article, the news has been the real reason for the diagnosis of alopecia is not always a simple process. Once you and your doctor has determined the cause, then you can be restored to your hair to its former glory. The good news is, most forms of hair loss can be treated successfully. The next article in this series will look at some of the best hair loss treatment currently available. . 3. DHT causes miniaturization of terminal hair. 5. The growth phase gradually shorter until these hairs will be lost. Alopecia areata is an immune system disease, resulting in a head of hair follicles stop producing hair patches. 1. The high concentrations of 5-α-reductase enzyme occurs in some cells of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. All men and women produce male hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These are both men and women to play a useful role, but appeared in various concentrations. It found that explains why this form of hair loss will affect more men than women in male androgen levels. Simply put, these hormones affect the hair growth cycle is as follows: 2. 5-α-reductase the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. 4. This makes the short, soft, fluffy hairs, scalp inadequate coverage.