wash your hair regularly

, Postpartum hair loss, attention to hair care

, Postpartum hair loss, attention to diet should strengthen nutrition, not picky eaters, the partial eclipse and taboos. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, animal protein, seafood, beans, eggs, hair and body to meet nutritional needs.

1 Use mild, the shampoo and wash your hair regularly. Shampoo should be in the shower along the growth direction of the hair gently grooming, not all of the rope to the front or from the posterior to the forehead hard scrub.

Postpartum hair loss mostly physiological phenomena, such as not serious, then, without special treatment, usually within six to nine months time will themselves to stop and gradually restored; such as hair loss seriously, then, may be under the guidance of a doctor taking oryzanol, B family vitamins and other drugs , together with a number of traditional Chinese medicine treatment like nourishing Yifa soup, and I believe that will certainly make many patient satisfaction.

2, frequently with a wooden comb hair or fingers rhythmically massage and stimulate the scalp can promote blood circulation of the scalp, is conducive to the hair metabolism, accelerate the growth of new hair.

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